Funny Police at it again.


I don't hold any grudges against them seriously but these videos really made me crack up like mad.

Let's look at the first one. Now most police pursuit involves a criminal/suspect fleeing from the cops. But this pursuit is more like a Tom and Jerry chase, where Jerry (the mouse) is tauting the cat. The criminal/suspect even stopped the car, get off the car and taunt the police. Epic funny chase..

We've seen people pulling off insane maneuver in Need For Speed: Most Wanted. Where the player is being pursuit by the police, and police cars will attempt to smash the fleeing car. Well the similar case, happened here but the driver cleverly recover after being smashed multiple times at the bumper by the police patrol car.

This is a footage of a standard arresting of a drunk man for DUI (Driving Under Influence). But damn, we thought getting drunk will get you senseless but instead, this man claims that his balls are itchy and he even asked the police to SCRATCH HIS BALLS! This is soooo funny even the cops couldn't hold himself from LoL.

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