Failed Cosplay


Cos-plays are great but sometime nerds thought they look cool when they put something that they thought is cool which is not, obviously. Let's see why.

                              What's this ? Zelda met StarTrek ??

Now I found a lot of fat dudes that have a thing in Sailor/Japanese school uniform. Now before you say me being racist Note: Quotes on the pic are not mine.

Seriously I thought this is some anime that involves a garbage bin until I see "R2D2" on it. Damn look at Princess Leia, wearing sneakers FTW.

Sonic the failhog? I can't think of any words to explain the lameness or these cos-players. Looks at the guy in peach color costume. I don't know what character is that but he looked creepy.

Looks like Rock Lee or Might Guy need a diaper. Or some air-conds to cool his ass off?

Silver foilman(Surfer) here need some patch up work to do. There are some leaks in his pants. Wait, does Silver Surfer even wear a shirt? Let alone pants.

I'm not sure which anime character is he trying to be but I sure won't be watching that anime no more cause this image will be giving me nightmares.

                What is it with fat guys and Japanese school uniform?


Merrinette said...

my eyes!!!! *bleed*


Anonymous said...

The guy in the peach color costume is tails, i guess.

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