Crazy Body Modifications

Back then we've seen some very realistic 3D tattoos, and it's amazing. Those people treated their body as a canvas for art. Those are great but some people tend to overdo stuff. Such as these crazy body modifications.

Eyeball Tattoo Injection

A man in Toronto decided to turn the 'whites' on the sclera, to blue. This crazy modification took 40 injections to complete. 

To have needles poking anywhere on the body is scary enough but in the eye? Man he crazy.

Pointy Ears Transformation

This painful and irreversible surgery is done to have pointy ears similar to Spock or an Elf. Wonder what would they tell their kids about this. How would they explain it to their kids.

Vampire Transformation

The famous used-to-be attorney from Mexico better known as the Mexican Vampire Woman. Due to her extreme modifications throughout her whole body, she is now immortalized in a wax figure by Ripley's. Wondered how she looked like before the transformation? See below.

Hard to believe that she used to have a pretty face. Must of been very motivated to the extend of quitting her job as an attorney and of course her pretty face.

Stalking Cat

Dennis Evner or better known as "Stalking Cat", is from Nevada, United States. This man spent unknown amount (should be as crazy as his transformations) of money in body transformation to resemble the look of a tiger. He's also featured in Ripley's.
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