Crazy LEGO Creations

Do you actually know that Lego has been with us since 1940s? So till now 2010, it is still an irreplaceable toy due to its simple brick design which enables people to build infinite stuff out of them. By simply putting the pieces together, you get to build almost anything you want out of your head.

Awesome black electric guitar out of LEGO. Not sure if this is functional but very cool nonetheless. 

A bloody huge aircraft carrier! Can't imagine how long it took for him to build this out of LEGO.

Another impressive life size piano out of LEGO.

Starwars characters. Just look at the detail of Darth Vader, this shit is tight.

A life size Volvo XC90, look at the details of this replica. Damn real !

By using square bricks to create a round globe, just imagine the amount of work needed.

Fantastic abstract art. Just look at the reflection on the "mirror"!
Another great abstract art or LEGO art. Not sure who that guy is but he sure got a lot of patience to get all these built up.

LEGO Nintendo! Nuff said.

A 20 foot tall LEGO giraffe standing infront of Sony Center in Berlin. HUGE!

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