Construction Fails

When you're trying to build a bridge then shit happens and the calculation went wrong then this is what we call, construction fails. Do you actually know that there are actually a lot of construction fails around us? Some are not obvious and some are so darn stupid yet they still don't get it until someone went asking "Wtf is this?"

Great we have balcony hurray! But do we hafta climb out of the window to reach it? Or through that pipe?

Banks always think "highly" of themselves. Or they forgot to place a chair/brick there?

I guess putting a "Watch your head" sign wouldn't help much here.

Hope the trains are not using this track, but wait the track looks well maintained. Good luck then.
Now this is what I call "split" fire. Or bump to bump.

This will be very damn convenient for their dog. It's just right in front of the garage.

Are we missing something here?

"Public" toilet indeed.

At least you're not alone when you shit.

Bath while you shit? or shit while you bath? Clever design.

I'll give you 100 bucks if you drive your truck across that bridge.

An invisible stairway?

Almost there!

This will work if it's in a 2D game like Mario, but damn this is real life!

This is a "quick" start. lol
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