Funny Logos

Do you actually know that a logo represents not only a company, but also the image and signature of a organization. So having that said, a logo is indeed a very important thing to consider and you will expect everyone to recognize your company/organization when people saw your logo. Such as the infamous swoosh logo of Nike. But some people just tend to not think twice when they use certain logo to represent their company, like the one above. "Dance for tits" oh sorry it's tots instead of tits, but that's what I saw.

 Kudawara Pharmacy
Not sure what Kudawara mean but let's hope that it's not related to their logo. Ya know what I mean.

The Comp(jizz?)uter Doctors
I'm sure that's a mouse but if I look carefully it actually looks like a ... you know what. Plus the phrase "We make computers work for you" added together with the misleading logo, it sounded as wrong as hell.

Institudo de Estudos Orientais
What ever the name is, it needs no further explanation on how misleading this logo can be! Surprise buttsecks? lol

I swear I thought it's MEGAFUCKS! I didn't know until its caused by the using the wrong font and having the fonts sticking too close together. Hence voila.

Kids Exchange
Another stupid mistake by not using spacing or some divider between the words. Needless for me to further explain as it's tad obvious.

Let's just be happy that it's not called, Doggy-Style. Ya know what I mean.

Dental Care
It seems not wrong at first as it's actually correct as the patient lie on the dental chair unit and the dentist checking your teeth. Nonetheless, it looks so wrong!

Atherton Car Centre
Car centre or something else?

Pizza, salad, panini and a little something extra ? Note the "?" on the logo. Use your creativity.

Arlington Pediatric Center
I think Arlington Pedo Center suit this better!
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