Weird Knives

Knives existed with us since two and half a million years ago. As the technology advances, more and more patterns/styles are created depending on the creator or the origin. Just like the above priceless Topkapi Emerald Dagger, created on the 17th century which currently preserved at the Topkapi Palace Museum, Istanbul. 

Key-shaped Pocket Knife
Talk about the most unexpected place to pop out a knife, no longer than an ordinary key, easily blend into your keychain. 

Knife Pistol
I know I know, first thing is your mind must be GUNBLADE GUNBLADE !!!! Well for those who's unfamiliar with Final Fantasy 8, the main character of the game wields similar weapon which is partly a gun and a blade. Hence the name GUNBLADE. Not only it's a knife attached to a gun, its also a double barrel pistol. Badass? Definitely! Just watch out where you holster this gun.

Sapphire Knife
This Russian made knife can be easily brought pass any metal detector security and even on board airplane. There is no metal parts at all thus making it easy to pass through any metal detector. The blade is made from artificial sapphire which is being used by Swiss scratch-less watches. The handle is made from bone. Though it look fragile but should not be underestimated where only diamond exceeds the hardness of the blade. Hence it can only be sharpen using special diamond whetstone.

Pointless Knife
Not entirely pointless for cooking but definitely pointless for stabbing purposes. The design of the knife is inspired by a documentary about knife crimes.

Shark Knife
Looks awesome and cool but I can't find a way to use it without cutting yourself first. Shoulda name it as Double Edge Knife.

Scorpion Knife
A safer version of wrist knife compared to the previous Shark knife. Looks dangerous, cool and expensive. But that's not totally correct as it is actually quite cheap, under only USD $ 40.

Lipstick Knife

Another meant to be used as an assassination weapon? Easily blends in with other make-up products. Twist the base and the blade extends, voila ready for stabbing, fruit cutting, slicing paper, cutting wires, ETC. Just make sure you use the correct lipstick for your lips and for your assassination. You don't wanna stab your enemy with a real lipstick or cut your lip with the lipstick knife.

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