Parasitic mind control?

Parasitic Mind Control

Mind control might not exist in human beings well probably exists in Yuri(command and conquer) but there's a finding that parasitic mind control existed.

A parasite named the "Liver Fluke"(a type of tapeworm) lay eggs in the slime of a snail. As the snail travels around the slimy trail of the snail that contains the egg are then consumed by ants. This enables the parasite to burrow and reach the mind of the ant which grants control over the ants behavior. The parasite can turn on and off the control of the ants causing the ants to act different from time to time. The objective of the mind control is to control the ant to a location that is easier to be consume by a mammal. If succeeded the parasite would travel to the liver of the mammal and live there.


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renaye said...

wow. i didn't know that! that sound kinda scary. what if in the future ... some crazy scientiest tries to implant that into a human and control the world?!

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