Thought rappers are awesome? Watch this Human B-box machine.


Human B-Box -

After watching this guy doing B-box, I am soooo amazed of his ability to mix and match almost any kind of beats. And it doesn't sound weird but it looks weird cause the beats isn't coming from a speaker or a DJ but instead it came right from his mouth.

You'll be surprised that someone could actually do this, I know anyone could do some B box even some parrot (will be included soon) could B-box. But creating numerous different tones/tune/tempo of beats simultaneously is what I'm talking about now. I wonder how many tongues this guy have.

Check out the judges, they're sooo stunned :D who wouldn't if you could create something beyond imaginable.

Even a bird can B-box !

Guess we should go learn now, won't wanna loose to a bird don't we :D


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