Tight underwear is bad for guys?

There are variety of choices among boxers, briefs, tighty-whities and its all on your personal preference. Wearing a tight underwear is not bad for guys as long as it's comfortable enough for you. But some cases of jock itch which is an itchy fungus condition that occurs if people tend to wear underwear that are too tight or fabric that doesn't allow air circulation.
photo by :fredfischborn

The sperm are produced by testes and only if they are at temperatures a few degrees below the temperature of the body. The scrotum holds the testes away from the body to maintain this cooler temperature. Higher temperatures close to the body may occur from wearing tight underwear, which can lower sperm count. However, wearing tight underwear is not a reliable birth control method. Millions of sperm are released during ejaculation, so even a lower sperm count could produce plenty of sperm to cause a pregnancy. For pregnancy protection, use a reliable method of birth control.

So anyone who wanna have some safe "fun" should use a condom :D


chrisshee said...

=_=" no comment.. 1st time ever i come across such blog posts.. you are definitely one of a kind.. haha! but yea interesting posts. i'm speechless. wonder what's on your mind.. i guess you must be extremely curious kinda gal. good thing. and scientific too your approach! cool~ =) will be checking your blog again. ciao~ =)

Anonymous said...

Actually men should wear skirt for ventilation.

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