failed products that meant to failed


Introducing the Uro Club. So convenient you don't even need to embarrass yourself to piss at the bushes but instead you get to piss in public! WOW that's amazing and smart. It is priced at $49.95 wow the price is so cheap + you even get to piss in public which is priceless. /sarcasm

Question : Why use diet pill when you can enjoy AYDS(AIDS?). Epic product name that is meant to be misleading? or on purpose? lol

The Wunder Boner! Now you put a bunch of rednecks fishing together and one you them poped out and say "I'll show you what I got, THE WUNDER BONER!". This is not the end of it when the other dude was so amazed at this he said "my wife would like this". Funny name but the product might be useful for some good de-boning the fish which makes this a wonderful BONER! LOL~

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