Weirdest iPhone Apps

Now I'm not sure how many exactly out there are using an iPhone, but I can safely say 40 million more or less. So with that amazing amount of iPhone users out there, the number of apps in the App Store must of increased a lot as well. Roughly around 50,000 apps (as of June, 2009) are now available in the App Store. By that amount being said, do you actually know how many useless apps are there? Let's see a few of them.

Hold on! 
Price: $0.99 (App link)

 Wow looks/sounds fun! What does it do? You press and hold on to the "Hold On" button as long as you can. That's it. Fun isn't it? Oh yeah, and you get to submit your score and compete against others. Great! This proves that there are more jobless people out there which have nothing better to do.

I've read the comments/ratings on the app page and apparently there are quite some hardcore Hold On-er. Some of them even suggested to add a toilet break function (which is obviously sarcastic)!

Price: Free (App Link)

We have car simulation, flight simulation, boat simulation and now we have a Stapler Simulation? How does a stapler simulation works? Easy, you touch the stapler and it simulates how a stapler actually works. Sounds fun right? I know... It even have a score, so that you can keep track of how much time of your life is wasted on this "fun" app. And top it off, it's FREE! (and worthless too)

In the end, I still can't figure out how can you have fun with this app. You're not only wasting your time but also your iPhone battery.

Bank Hell Note 
Price: $0.99 (App Link)

It's a Chinese tradition to burn hell bank note to the dead. And this guy from Hong Kong (I think) developed this app to burn hell notes through the iPhone! I can't say that it's entirely bad as it can be good for the environment but nevertheless it's still weird enough to come up with such idea. According to the creator's blog, there are more than 300 downloads as of February 2010. So he's earning some sweet cash over there with this weird app.

So how does it work? I've included a video below just so to show how it works.

Crazy Disco 
Price: $0.99 (App Link)
*Insert typical advertisement guy voice* Got bored in the office? Introducing the Crazy Disco for your iPhone. Just pop out your iPhone, shake, touch and it's activated! - Ok, let's stop mocking the app.

How is this suppose to get any one hyped up with a puny disco ball and some shitty sound? If the true function is to joke around then it's a total success.

How does it work? Well you sorta start it up, then you see the disco ball and some music. The objective is to use your finger and slide the disco ball really quick until it explodes. Then it will show you "Shake to get the funk back." Fun huh, you tell me.

Price: $0.99 (App Link)
This app has some nice graphic there. The flame seems quite realistic as from what I read at the app page. The comments were mostly positive though I'm not sure why myself but what's the actual use of this? The only use that I can think of is during a concert. Light this up and you can brag about your phone while waving it over your head at a concert.

How does it work? Here's a comment that explains exactly how this app works.

" You start out with an elegant brushed-metal lighter (your choice of three colors as of the August 11, 2008 release) and you can flick your thumb to open the top (Zippo-style) or simply flick your wrist (and the iPhone with it) to 'toss' open the lid. One thumb stroke across the flint wheel and a partical-based flame appears. It is possible to mis-strike with the flint wheel if you don't hit it right, which adds even more realism to the mix. The particle-based flame is nice in that it drives the flame's direction according to how you hold the iPhone, adding even more to its realism. Most other 'flame' applications out there have a video clip for the flame, which is okay... but it's not the same as the interactive particle-based flame here. When you're done with the flame you simply flick your wrist in the same way you would a Zippo lighter to 'snap' the top back on the lighter."


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