Coolest stuff that you should get!

I've compiled a list of the coolest stuff that personally would want in my house. Now let's see what I've found. Some of the stuff are very expensive and some are not even for sale just like the above M16 crystal light.

Uterus Vase (found here)
A limited edition vase created by the Plug and St├ęphanie Rollin. I wonder what kinda flower or "bushes" that you're gonna arrange in this vase. I wonder how you manager gonna react on she/he saw this on your table. I think this is an ideal gift to someone you hate which you think that the person is a "pussy" lol.

Another cool stuff here. A butt-shaped ashtray, which I also think that it's a great gift again to someone you dislike, an asshole perhaps.

Pencil Sculptures (found here)
A very unique decoration for your house. Click on the link above and have a look on the designs that the designer Jennifer Maestre did. It looks nice but definitely something that you don't wanna sit on.

Interactive LED table (found here)
A neat LED table using 480 super-bright white LEDs and 24 active/passive near-infrared optical sensors that provides illuminating feedback when objects such as newspapers are placed on top of it. Indeed cool and neat but what else does it do ? Oh ya, it will show you where your cups are in darken room.

Giant Earbud Speakers (found here)
Now first look at your stock iPod earbuds,then magnify them x 500 times. Voilla! it's the Giant Earbud Speakers. They might not sound as nice as other branded speakers but hell, they will definitely look a lot more awesome than those normal ones.

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