Strongest Little Things

It always amaze me, that people are always afraid of things as small as a nickle. I don't really understand when some people go jumping all around the places when they saw a cockroach but you SHOULD be running away when you see one of the below. Though they're small, but they punch as strong as a gun, poison that melts your flesh, shoot as accurate as a rifle. Oh and by the way, some of the creatures below are not harmful to human.

Pistol Shrimp
These 2cm shrimp snap their claws together creating an impact which creates a jet of water creating a noise as strong as a concorde's sonic boom. With this being said, the noise is comparable with the noise produced by a produced by a sperm whale. That's 40 tonnes vs a 2cm shrimp. The noise is being used as a hunting weapon which is capable of stunning prey long enough for them to move in for the kill.

Giant Japanese Hornet
These bugger are not only largest hornet in the world. They're also deadly when in mass but however it is hard for you to escape once you're being targeted by one of them. The sting of the hornet will inject at least eight distinct chemicals, some of which melt tissue, some of which cause pain, and at least one which has an odor that attracts more hornets to the victimSo with that being said, it's like a hornet gonna inject you with honey which gonna lure the whole nest of hornets towards you. Which is deadly.

Archer Fish
The Archer Fish got its name due to it's unique hunting ability. Unlike any other fish in that the Archer fish finds its prey living outside the water. An insect, butterfly, spider or similar creature is the target of the Archer fish's powerful spray of water. The fact that the Archer fish can do this with pinpoint accuracy is remarkable.

Mantis Shrimp
The "smasher" Mantis Shrimp possess a club like claws with a rudimentary spear which is quite sharp. The club is used to bludgeon and smash their meals apart. By rapidly unfolding and swinging their raptorial claws at the prey. When the clubs are employed towards the enemy, the acceleration is measured to be as fast as the acceleration of a .22 caliber bullet.

Brazilian Wandering Spider
These eight-legged monsters are commonly encountered in peoples' homes, supposedly hiding in peoples' shoes, hats, and other clothes. The Brazilian Wandering Spider does not remain on a web, rather, it wanders the forest floor due to the spider's nature of wandering even in densely populated area hence the name. The Brazilian Wandering Spider is the most venomous species of spider. Its venom contains a type of chemical which will result in an involuntary erection that can be very painful and last hours.

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