Craziest Game Related Incidents

In 2005, a 41 years-old Shanghai resident(Qiu Chengwei), stabbed fellow gamer(Zhu Caoyuan) repeatedly in the chest to his death. It is said that the incident is due to Zhu who sold the “dragon sabre,” a weapon that they acquired together in the game.
According to China Daily, Qiu Chengwei went to the police first, but was told off as virtual items are not covered by the law. Hence he decided to take matters into his own hands. Which eventually, got himself a life sentence.

Brazilian gang kidnap top GunBound player
Four Brazilian men, with ages between 19 and 28, planned to steal the game account of a top GunBound player and then to sell off the account for $8000 bucks on the net.
Firstly, they used the girlfriend of one of the member of the gang to contact and lure the Gunbound to meet up. They did that through the use of a social networking site. After exchanging messages for a couple of days, the girl asked the boy to meet her at a shopping center.
He went, but instead of the girl he found the gang waiting for him, armed with a gun. They took the GunBound player away, and here comes the bizarre part. After hours of interrogation at gun point, the boy was still determined to not reveal his password, so the four men released him. Not your typical nerd gamer that you saw on TV.
The boy then went to the police, who arrested all the gang members.
Woman Offers Sex for WoW Gold
We've heard about people using real money to buy virtual currencies and all that. But do you actually know that there are people none other than the woman in the picture who offered sex through Craiglist in exchange for 5000 WoW gold pieces. Her aim is to get an epic flying mount in WoW and offer the person to "mount" her.Word spreads fast and her email was bombarded with responds from WoW players throughout the world. Well most of them are from haters which she then responded that she is actually not only looking for a mount in WoW but also in real life. Still.... it's absurd.

Boy Saves Sister from Moose attack with WoW skills
This 12 year-old Norwegian boy and his sister wandered in to a moose territory. So the moose went aggressive and is getting prepared to attack his sister. So the boy quickly responded from what he used to do as a tank in WoW. Taunt the target away from the healers/casters, so he started yelling at the moose and gaining its' attention. Once the moose is heading towards him, he quickly used another skill which is also in the game, feign death.

When the moose saw the boy collapsed to the ground, it quickly lost its interest on the boy and wandered off into the woods.

Boy Shot Parents Because They Took Video Games Away

Daniel Petric, 17 sneaked out of his room window and purchased Halo 3 which is strongly against his father's order. When he got back, his father caught him with the game hence confiscating the game in to a box where he also kept his gun (I know, this is stupid).

Daniel then somehow stole the key to the box and acquire the gun and the game. He then went to his parents room and told his parents "Would you guys close your eyes," Daniel Petric asked. "I have a surprise for you." BOOM! he shot both his parents that killed his mother but luckily his father survives.

Though later he regretted of his wrong doing and apologized to his dad. But that doesn't stop him from being sent into jail.
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