Amazing creatures

Here's some weirdest and rarest creatures that you don't see everyday. Though some are cute looking like below, Dumbo Octopus.

Dumbo Octopus

This cute little octopus lives in the deep sea (3000-4000 metres). They are the rarest type of octopus in the Octopoda family.

Four-Eyed Turtle

This tiny turtle has 2 white spots on the back of its head that resembles an extra pair of eyes, hence the name. This poor little fella is now considered an endangered species. Though it is mainly considered threatened in China. Large quantity of turtle shells are use as an ingredient in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Glass Frog

Translucent skin. Everything under the slippery skin can be seen, including organs, eggs, veins & ETC. Know to eat its own young. 

Goblin Shark

Goblin shark is a deep sea shark. Odd thing about this shark from the others is that it has a long sword/spear/trowel like snout. And it's relatively rare. Bet you've never seen one before.


As weird as its name, it looks like a half zebra and half deer. Experts explained that though it bears a lot of similarities of zebras, but it is most closely related to the giraffe.

Giant Weta

"Hey! What the hell is that on your shoulder?! It looks like a cricket!" "Oh it's just a cricket, chillax." "Oh wai-"

Goliath Bird-Eater Spider

It's so big, it eats bird. Hence, the name. Seriously big, it's easily bigger than a 1 dollar bill. Though this seems absurdly large, it's only the second largest. Madness.

Pygmy Marmoset

Easily the cutest monkey of all. It is definitely one of the smallest monkey of all. Due to its size, it is generally nicknamed as 'pocket monkey', 'little lion' and 'finger monkey'.

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