Amazing Places Around The World - Part 2

Alright this is the continuation of previous part. Here's part 2 of "Amazing Places Around The World"!

Chinese Restaurant - Hubei, China
This restaurant sure knows how to please visitors by providing delicious Chinese food at the side of the freaking mountain. And it's right above Chang Jiang river. 

Crystal Cave - Skaftafell, Iceland
These magical looking ice caves are formed by centuries-old ice coming down from the slopes of Öræfajökull (don't ask me how to pronounce it).

Pulpit Rock, Norway
Pulpit Rock(Preikestolen) a.k.a Preacher's Pulpit is a massive (1982 feet above ground) cliff. Tourists will need to take a 3.8KM hike up to the cliff. The cliff was formed about appriximately 10,000 years ago when the cliff broke off along with the glacier that reached the cliff.

Plitvice Lakes, Croatia
Plitvice Lakes National Park is the largest national park in Croatia. The national park is famous for its lakes and 16 of them can be seen on the surface.

Chateau de Marqueyssac, France
Chateau de Marqueyssac is a 17th century garden located in France. In 1860s, the new owner of the garden began to grow thousands of boxwood trees and have them carved in amazing shapes. It was then left unattended for years and in 1996, it was acquired by a new owner. The new owner, restored the gardens to their old characteristic and design.

Paterswoldsemeer Lake, Netherlands
Hundreds of ice skaters flocked the lake to skate on this sizable lake. Due to the size of the lake, it would require weeks of frost to be strong enough for hundreds of skaters. There are time where the ice is not strong enough, mainly due to weather changes.

Seljalandsfoss, Iceland
Seljalandsfoss is the most well known waterfall in Iceland. This waterfall is as high as 200 feet making it very picturesque. Tourists can also go behind the waterfall and enjoy the view in a different perspective.

Part 3 coming soon!
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