Crazy Pencil Carvings

Artists draw beautiful sketches with pencil. But Dalton Ghetti choose to express his artistic view not with a pencil but ON a pencil. He treats pencils as his canvas and with a few simple tools such as a blade, a sewing needle and some bright light; he carves crazily detailed miniature sculptures out of the tip of the pencil.

By the looking at the end result of his works, people must be curious of how he did it. However, no one has seen him doing it as Dalton will only do the carving when he's all alone and quiet. Worried about damaging his eye sight, Dalton only work as long as one and a half hour per day. So a simple carving could take from a few months to several years to complete.

He is best known for his work of 9/11 memorial. He carved out 3000 tear drops from the graphite of recycled pencils. This work took him 10 dedicated years to complete so you can imagine how much did 9/11 affect him.

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