The Best Fight Scenes.


Some of the most epic, exciting, bizarre & awesome fighting scenes evar!

Now I can forgive them for their hairstyle and wardrobe but their acting totally sucks. This must be the movie with the most roars, they must RAWR whenever they rip off something. And the dialogue is so so funny, "keep an eye out, stingray", "Yeah, see ya!". Nevertheless, the most epic fighting scene ever.

This is another exciting movie scene. Gosh look at those close hits, and wow the lizardman almost bite the guy's head off. Not sure what generation of Star Trek is this but this is so "awesome".

What else can I say about this, super sick choreography. The moves are so stunning and I literally wanted to contact the actor for some kung fu lesson. This movie put Matrix in to shame. The slowmo-moves are much better than the Matrix (to die hard Matrix fans: FYI I'm just being sarcastic)

Indian fight scene, always epic and realistic. The sound effect puts THX to shame. Remember to lower your bass volume or your speaker might explodes. Watch how he "McGyver + A-team" a nunchucks out of phones.

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