Female Celebrities from Young to Old

Alright the previous post was about male celebs. Let's see how female celebrities in this one.

Britney Spears (aged 29)
The scandalous Britney Spears. After going through the rough time she turned out not too bad. But didn't know she was that cute when she's young.

Jennifer Aniston (aged 41)
Wow, didn't even know that she's 41 now. Still looking smoking hot in the movies like The breakup. Though a bit obvious less cuter than the younger version.

Maddona (aged 52)
The old yet still trying to be young Madonna. Imagine a grandma trying to dance and sing pop songs. Maybe she need to look up for the word "retire".

Terry Hatcher (aged 46)
I remember how hot she is back then when she's Lois Lane in Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. Oh well, all that has changed now.

Angelina Jolie (aged 35)
Tomb Raider getting old? Well maybe not in game but yes in real life. I've always wanted get a taste of her smexy lips, even though she might look a little bit older for now but she's still hot in Wanted don't you guys agree?

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