Male Celebrities from Young to Old

We know the passage of time doesn't spare anyone. So how are the celebrities handle their aging process? Let's see......

Jackie Chan (aged 56)
Jackie Chan, famous for his crazy stunts and insane moves. Broke almost every bone of his body, had countless surgeries. I gotta say, he's doing good and still look young :)

Bruce Willis (aged 55)
Bruce Willis a.k.a Bad cop, Not much changes compared to his younger picture other than some wrinkles. And some gray hair. Still got that Jackal look.

Arnold Schwarzenegger (aged 63)
A governer should really look like a governer. He's good at adapting.

Pierce Brosnan (aged 57)
Famous from the James Bond series. I guess "Tomorrow never dies" is a lie then.

Sylvester Stallone (aged 64)
Am I the only one who think that he looked a lot more badass now?

That's it for today. Female version is coming up next.

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