Weird Pillows

Got bored of your everyday ordinary pillow? Why not try something boring in to something intriguing. People invests to buy fancy bed, blankets and comforter but why not buy something good/weird(interesting?) for the most important part of your body.

Alarm Clock Pillow
As introduced at best alarm clocks, this clock is a brilliant design that gently wake you by exposing your eyes to a glowing cloud of illumination, gradually increasing in brightness over a 40 minute period.

Blood Puddle Pillow
This is what I call "Sleeping in ur own pool of blood". One of the best pillow to bring along if you're going to sleepover at your relative's. Sure will give them a huge surprise when they wake up and saw you sleeping on their couch. Remember to leave a note "Don't call 911, it's a pillow".

Boyfriend's Arm Pillow
Best for the single ladies or for the guys who doesn't want their arm being numb all the time after being hogged by their gf all night long.

Egg Shaped Pillow
A must for egg lovers (like me). Make sure you don't chew on the pillow or it might stain. Oh wait, they will make it look a bit more cooked. I don't think it's recommended for egg lovers now, or the pillow will just be chewed apart.

Fresh Salmon Pillow
The pillow that will make you fell, wet? So when you hug this pillow and the imagination of the wet/cold fresh salmon kicks in; you'll surely feel disgusted. Though it'll look damn cool carrying your fish(pillow) around without being embarrassed.

Girlfriend's Lap Pillow
This is like the total opposite of Boyfriend's Arm Pillow. Best for the single men or for the ladies who doesn't want their leg being numb all the time after being hogged by their bf all night long.

Book Pillow
This pillow looks exactly like a book. Perfect for students wanna looked hardworking and being lazy at the same time.

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