Abnormal Portable things

As the world advances, things tend to get smaller and smaller to cope with the fast paced world. This smaller the things are the easier for people to carry them around. But some inventions are just ridiculous, as below.

Portable Briefcase Seat
Wear a suit in style, carry a elegant briefcase, queue up for the train, open your briefcase;sit down and relax and jaw-dropping everyone around you.

Portable Pizza Oven
Hey look a pizza oven, but why the fk is it in your car ? Yup, this is real and it really works provided that you have enough juice in your car's battery. And make sure you don't put this thing on your lap while you're baking something, cause not only will you get into an accident or two but you'll also be not as good on bed as stated here.

Portable Bedroom
Designed by a Japanese company which aims to maximizing the small spaces of Japanese common small rooms. The design is made of folding furnitures which enable to transform into 3 different uses which is sleeping, eating and working.

Portable Fire Place
The travelmate portable fireplace weighs 55lbs may require a small amount of effort to transfer it from one place to another, but still it is portable. You might even wreck open the top and there you have it, a portable fireplace/barbecue fire.

Portable Washing Machine
This small hand powered washing (machine?) is gonna save you some electricity bills and due to its size, you might be able to wash clothes on the go. Well if you have the guts to do it in the subway or on the bus.

Portable Karaoke Box
Another crazy Japanese invention. The Tomy portable karaoke box is a device with a 2.4″ LCD display that dsplays the song’s lyrics, while a headset can be used by a pair of singers at the same time. Maybe you can have a duet in your car but wait, how does the driver see the lyrics?

Portable Stationery Tie?
Weird tie with a lot of pockets/slots for your credit cards, scissors, rulers and ETC. Finally, someone implemented my idea during high school where I used to hid my cellphone in my tie.

Portable Desktop
This is one genius invention where you get to work while you walk/travel/taking a train/shopping/jogging? But it's a retarded invention now with the appearance of laptops.

Portable Toilet
This is what I call shit on the go. What great invention this is, without going to the stinking dirty public toilet; why not use portable toilet and you can enjoy the scenery while you shit. And you can save a lot of time too. Just don't go too fast when the storage is fully loaded, I'm sure you don't wanna drift with this ride.

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